Enables any business with a service pit, lift, or hoist
to perform motorcycle and scooter oil changes.
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About Motorcycle Express Lube - Motorcycle Oil Change, Service Pit Adapter, Fast Lube Device - IMG_20131013_112137_377_crop
Our mission is to provide the fast lube and oil change-plus industry with a cost effective tool and program that executes a fast, safe and efficient method to change the oil and filter on a motorcycle or scooter using the car and truck process that is currently in place. In doing so, expanding the market for the oil change industry and enhancing the riding experience of the motorcycle and scooter owners
Our vision is to give fast lube and oil change-plus industry the opportunity to provide a service to motorcycle and scooter owners that is the same experience as they currently provide to car and truck owners. By doing so, a new market is created for the industry and an alternative for motorcycle and scooter owners to have cost effective, efficient oil change services not currently available today.
The opportunity for this invention is enormous. In the United States alone, as of March 2012, there are 9.7 million registered motorcycles in operation, with each motorcycle requiring multiple oil changes per year. The need to change the oil and filter on a motorcycle or scooter is not new, but this tool and program will shift the industry away from the expensive, slow and inconvenient method offered today by motorcycle / scooter dealerships and specialty shops to a cost effective and quick alternative at the fast lube and oil change-plus facilities.